Krimson for Kids

Making a difference for the next generation of hunters

My name is Krimson and I was born & raised on Kodiak, Alaska.
I have been hunting & fishing for my entire life. I realize how fortunate I was to grow up in a hunting and fishing family, so I started a non-profit organization, Krimson for Kids. My goal is to bring kids to Kodiak and show them all the great things I was fortunate enough to be raised in.
Funds will go directly to traveling, food/lodging, gear, etc for children.
I aim to make a difference in the next generation of hunters.

The message below is just one of dozens I have received. My first goal for Krimson for Kids is to bring this girl up to hunt with me on Kodiak and give her the experience and understanding of the great outdoors that she was not blessed with as a young girl. I then plan to start many great camps, activities, etc to educated more youth in the outdoors and make a difference in the next generation of hunters.

Donate to make a difference and/or email me to be a part of this organization.

Thank you

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Here are some of my favorite experiences & accomplishments hunting

Tagged out in a day & broke 3 records!

2016 was a amazing year! I had a busy season taking care of clients, managing my music career, expanding my piano skills by taking online courses and planning my first music video. Needless to say, I had a busy schedule and didn't have much time to hunt. As my 2016 season at the lodge was coming to an end, I was getting very anxious to get out and hunt like every other year. We noticed a beautiful day in the forecast and it just so happened to land between groups. I was lucky enough to come across all three of these record bucks and fill my yearly tags with my bow! Such an amazing experience, that I will always treasure!


In 2016, I was also lucky enough to come across this nice bull. I always love to hunt Caribou because it requires you to do a drop camp, which can be such an amazing experience. Theres nothing better than camping in the pristine wilderness, laughing and making memories with people that you love. For this particular hunt it was a weekend with my boyfriend and my brother, two of my favorite guys. Hunting Caribou and Deer by day, fox and ducks in the evening, and cooking dinner by the campfire at dark. MY KIND OF WEEKEND!!

Sitka Blacktail Deer

I spent half of my childhood in Larsen Bay, a small village on Kodiak island, which enabled me to some of the best hunting grounds in the world. This is where I shot my first Sitka Black tail deer when I was 6 years old, and my limit of deer each year since.
At 10 years old I won my first Annual Buck Contest in Kodiak, & proceeded to win again at 15 & at 16. After checking the record book, and getting my rack scored, I found that I will have the new 7th biggest Sitka black tail in the world, and by far the largest ever shot by a woman.

Silver Salmon Derby. Age 8

At eight years old, I won the Kodiak Silver Salmon derby. I spent a lot of time as a kid fishing with my dad, the buskin was my favorite spot. I picked up a hobby the year prior of tying fly’s, and I caught my winning 20.9 lb. silver with a black & purple fly that I tied.

Mountain Goat. Age 10

In 1968, Kodiak held the first drawing to hunt mountain goat on Kodiak Island. They were to pick 10 people out of an estimated 2,000 for the hunt. My dad & grandfather were both drawn, and at age 10 my dad shot the first mountain goat on Kodiak island. It was important to him to create a tradition, and for my brother & I to get one at age 10 with the same gun. Let me tell you, mountain goats aren’t the easiest hunt, I was dropped off at a lake with my two brothers & my dad, and after a long 4 days I shot my first mountain goat. Thank god for brothers, my dad & I couldn’t have done it without them!

Moose. Age 18

I had been on one moose hunt prior to when I got my bull, after three long days of hunting, I was obligated to fly back to Kodiak and return to school.
In 2014, my dad took my boyfriend & I over to the mainland of Alaska to hunt for a moose again. It was an unfortunate year for most of the hunters in the area that had been there for weeks looking for their bull. The first day of the hunt we spent in the field with some calls & trying different areas, but after a long day we were headed back to camp, and there he was, a 58 in. bull charging the trail right towards us. Somehow I had gotten sand in my bolt and had a hard time putting a bullet in the chamber, at that point we were a little afraid he would run over the top of us! By the time I loaded the gun he was standing about yds. in front of us. After I took my first shot he ran about 25rds and laid in a swamp, it was getting dark, all we could do was get him out of the water and get back to camp. The work would begin in morning.

Mule Deer. Age 17

I shot my first Mule Deer at age 17, it had always been one of my most desired hunts. I went to Colbran, CO with my dad & brother and got this beautiful deer on the 4th day. He was scored at 168 6/8ths, I will be back for a bigger buck!


Sport fishing with my dad was always one of my favorite hobby's as a kid, well it still is!
Having our family lodge in Larsen Bay gave me lots of time to fish halibut on the ocean & pink salmon down at the creek, but even when we were in Kodiak, fishing at the buskin river was something that we did every week.
At age 14 I caught my first Blue Marlin on Hawaii, which definitely wasn't anything like fishing at home!
At age 18 I started fly fishing, and I have had so much fun perfecting the new method!